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state of the art lab.

Jollybee’s extraction takes place within a modern laboratory, by experienced professionals bent on preserving safe laboratory practices and producing nothing, but the finest extracts. Once the oil has been refined and tested, batches are hand crafted into 0.5 and 1 gram increments.  Each receptacle of our oil is a testament to the care and passion Jollybee employees have for their product and for fellow extract enthusiasts. If your current oil doesn’t create enough buzz for you, its time for a Jollybee.


the fun continues.

We are excited to add to our repertoire and welcome some other products into the Jollybee family.

We continue with the same care as we employ in our growing and extraction methods and carry it forward to create products that smell, taste and feel great. The essential oils and flavor extracts we use in our topicals and edibles work with the cannabinoids present to enhance your experience.

Through creativity and an emphasis on wellness, our products can help change the way cannabis is viewed.