• How do you get your plants so big?

    As we said before, growing cannabis is an art. You have to be able to look at a plant and know what it needs. It is a delicate balance of feeding the correct amount of plant food nutrients (fertilizer) and even the correct amount of water can make or break a plant. Too much and it will drown and cause mold and root rot, too little and the plant can die of thirst. Keeping pests away can sometimes be a difficult feat. Preventative pest maintainance is really the optimal situation. Spraying for bugs and pests before they arrive instead of after they’ve moved in is crucial when growing a successful garden. Pruning is one of the most major aspects of growing large plants. The plant must be manipulated in such a manner that plant material that is excess or nonproductive is removed so that the plant can focus its energy and growth into the areas that will be the most fruitful. In addition, the branches are spread and secured in such a way as to increase the light exposure to the interior of the plant as well as keep bug and fungus populations to a minimum. Proper sun and lighting is also crucial to maximum growth. This simple but challenging recipe has worked really well for us and we enjoy pushing the limits of what is believed to be possible. We compete with ourselves year after year to become better at what we do and smash our previous records.

  • How do I know my correct dosage for edibles?

    Dosages for edibles is a very difficult thing to calculate. The differences in our personal physiology, cannabis tolerance, the strain used for the edible, the way its processed and the amount of activated cannabis are just some of the variables that come into play when trying to determine how consumption of an edible will effect a person. The best rule of thumb is to start small. If you are a new user, start with just a small piece of the edible product (our hard candies would be a great You will eventually determine what an appropriate dose is for you and your desired effect. If you are a seasoned user, the milligram dosage on the edible label will help you determine if and how you will feel the effect.

  • Will I get high from topical application?
    Typically, when THC is absorbed through the skin it will not produce a psychoactive effect. If the THC is activated, it is possible, with a high enough dosage that you could possible have some psychoactive effects topically.
    Our THC is THCA in which the THC molecule has an acid attached to it. Typically, when that molecule is heated (by cooking or exposure to flame), the THC molecule loses its bond with the Acid chain and then just becomes THC.
  • What is the entourage effect?
    The cannabinoids mentioned above work synergistically with the other compounds present in cannabis including terpenes (what gives cannabis its distinct smell and taste) and flavonoids (what gives cannabis its color). All three of these compound types have their own properties and uses. Each strain contains a different variation of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Even different plants within the same strain can have different cannabinoid/terpene/flavonoid profiles. When a plant is bred, it has a female and male plant as the parents and they will produce varied offspring just as humans do. Although many expressions of this union will be similar, there will be many different characteristics of these offspring. These are called phenotypes.
    Certain cannabinoids are enhanced by certain terpenes and flavonoids and on the other hand, certain cannabinoids are muted by certain terpenes/flavonoids. The way these compounds combine and work together in a plant is called the entourage effect. One compound, say THC won’t have the same benefit if ingested as it would when paired with the other cannabinoid/terpene/flavonoid combinations. Thats why the full plant extract is far more therapeutic then synthetic THC created in a lab then put into pill form. Study in this vein of cannabis research is only beginning. There is very limited specific data available on this although it is well known that the phenomenon exists. Once cannabis research is allowed to move forward substantially, we will really begin to understand how certain strain profiles may be most beneficial for certain disorders. Just imagine a future where we can prescribe cannabis strains to maximize the effectiveness of cannabis therapy instead of just getting partial benefit as we currently do. It’s an exciting new world out there! We are ready!
  • What is the endocannabinoid system?
    The endocannabinoid system was named after the cannabis plant as it was discovered when scientists set out to study how cannabis effects the body.This physiological system evolved from the beginning of our species and is present in all vertebrae on this planet. The endocannabinoid system plays a role throughout an organisms lifetime from embryo implantation, throughout pregnancy, nursing, growth and maturity. Cannabinoids occur naturally in the body. They can even be found in breast milk and from other plant sources.
    Cannabinoids locate and bind to the cannabinoid receptors present in the body in order to moderate biological
    signals. Cannabinoids work with body systems to give intelligent feedback to cells. This helps the body react with more information to such factors as pain, appetite, energy and metabolism, stress response and inflammation, immune function, muscular systems, reproductive systems, sleep cycles and the presence of unhealthy cells within the body. Some of the amazing capabilities of this system are the abilities to encourage and mediate a cellular process called authophagy (AUT-AU-PHA-Gee) in which the body identifies and separates unhealthy cell material and recycles it back into the cell. This can also be referenced as cell suicide or programmed cell death. This process targets leukemia, cancer and other abnormal cells. Additionally, upon injury, cannabinoids can facilitate more efficient healing conditions because they will signal surrounding tissue and nerves to calm which minimizes pain an inflammation. Cannabinoids help promote homeostasis which is the condition of maintaining a stable internal environment despite what goes on outside of the body. Homeostasis within the body can prevent premature aging, prevent disease and promote healing. It allows our bodies the opportunity to function as they should naturally and utilize the ability to heal themselves.
  • What is the difference between THC and CBD?

    THC (Tetrahydrocannibinal) is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It has many health benefits. For those who are looking for relief from cannabis medicine without the high, CBD is a good alternative. With a whole host of health benefits of it’s own, (CBD) Cannibidol, can offer pain relief and help with many other neurological and physical ailments. These two are just some of the many cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Each has their own benefits to the body.

  • How does one use your products?

    Our extracts can be vaporized “dabbed” with an oil rig, put into a vape pen or even melted down into cooking oil or butter and used for baking  Our oil can also be applied topically in a carrier oil. Extracts are very versatile and the vapor produced is lighter and more potent than smoking flower. Many people who consume this way, say it is also easier on their lungs.

  • How do you make sure there is nothing hazardous in your products?
    It begins in the garden by not using harmful pesticides on our plants. By not using this on our cannabis flower, this means that those harmful pesticides WILL NOT end up in your extracts.
    After our oil is processed, we purge any solvents used in the extraction process to have a pure refined final product. We then test our oil with an accredited lab to ensure clean results every time!
  • How do you make your extracts?

    Once the plant material is dried, we process it through a closed loop extraction system which strips the plant material from the trichomes and compounds the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids present.