How To Roll a Tulip
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Starting materials.

-You’ll need Hemp string
-A grinder
-Some kind of tube (I recommend carboard bee harvesting tubes or cardboard party blowers)
– Rolling Papers
-Some good bud



Take out two of your papers and put them together like this so that the top paper is over lapping the bottom one. Seal the bottom papers glue strip to the top paper and then fold down the remaining glue strip. You should have something like shown in this picture.



Lift the glue strip fold. Take the bottom left hand corner and fold it over to the top right hand corner crease created by the fold created by your glue strip. I try to make sure that the triangles line is running right along the crease created by the glue strip.



Lick and seal the glue strip to the triangle you just folded. You should now be able to make a cone shaped sleeve.I do this by blowing into the newly created pocket and then opening it up a little more wit my finger. I always cut off the extra piece of paper that is not even with triangle making it look smooth, but you can leave it on for a larger petal later on.



Grind your mix. It can be as dank as you like. I chose some Super Silver Haze.



Fill your sleeve packing a little in at a time until it is full.



Learning how full it can possibly be before it is too big to seal can take some practice but is easy to figure out without ruining your sleeve. Just take out/fill in mix until it is ready. Once you see it is ready to be tied off get your string out and cut it to size using your teeth, you shouldn’t have scissors right now so just tough it out. Once you have a piece you should make a knot like pictured and slip that over the tip of your tulip sleeve.



tying this can be hard. If you have a friend to help you ask for some assistance.



Once you tie the first knot you should double the string back and tie another on the other side. This helps to secure the tulip sleeve evenly so it can be passed around with no problems.

I like to put a crutch inside of the tulip straw, at the end closest the sleeve, to prevent weed from getting into my mouth.

You must remember to stop smoking this before you reach the tube. You can fill the last bit before the filter with tobacco so you know when it is close.

Light the tip to enjoy.


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