The Skord Story

We’re a couple of ordinary people who decided on what would have been an ordinary day to do something different - and that was that. Every day we’re greeted with, every flower we pass along the sidewalk, every minute that passes by is an opportunity to engage. Give yourself the chance to breathe and ground your feet. You’re here, right now, but are you truly experiencing it? We built the SKöRD Marijuana brand from the depths of the soil our plants grow from and we did it with our own two hands. We’re here to cultivate a new level of reality for our consumers and we’re doing it through the creative cultivation of craft cannabis.
When was the last time you tucked yourself into bed and couldn’t distinguish your previous day with the one before? When was the last time you walked somewhere and couldn’t remember one moment from the 5 minutes it took you to get from point “A” to point “B”? It happens all too often in a culture of people surrounded by living plants that breathe, trees that reach, and skies that stretch across the sphere above us. Our surroundings are alive, engaged, and activated. So, where are we? Where did our consciousness go to? SKöRD Marijuana is dedicated to giving you these moments back - To being the vessel for you to experience all that life has to give you. The potential is there, you just need to harvest it.
Our passion for growing cannabis derived from a love of pheno hunting and unwavering dedication to bringing out the best of every strain we grew. This labor of love evolved from being a personal passion into becoming a brand with a mission to share a new engaged reality. Cannabis gave us our lives back and we’re confident that when you experience our strains for yourself, you won’t ever let another moment pass you by without looking. The world we live in is an incredible place, it’s time you took a moment to sit back to see it for yourself.